Guide to Yacht Charter

A guide to all aspects of chartering a boat. Including when and where to go, travel arrangements, experience levels, types of holiday, what you should budget for, whats included and whats extra, hotels and accommodation, diving packages, provisioning your yacht and much more useful information..
Planning a successful sailing holiday

When and where to go

Often the time of year you are looking to travel will help you to determine which sailing ground would be the most suitable.

Factors such as weather conditions, the level of sailing experience needed and if you have set dates booked from work will play a large part in your final choice of destination.

Remember that some locations will be more difficult to sail at certain times of the year.

For suggestions on suitable destinations for a certain time of year please ask our staff

Travel arrangements

Once you have chosen your yacht, destination and charter dates you will need to think about your travel arrangements.

Making travel arrangements can be a time consuming process that is why we offer a full travel package and through our partnership with large worldwide tour operators, local businesses and suppliers we can arrange flights, hotel rooms, car hire, provisioning, excursions, diving trips or any other special requests you may have.

Experience levels

The level of experience required to charter a yacht will vary according to the destination. The nature of the cruising ground and the type of yacht you choose will influence the charter operator’s decision as to whether you will need to hire a skipper.

Factors such as the weather expected during your charter, navigation skills required and distances of passages between ports will all determine the experience required. Some locations will require a minimum qualification and others will approve a charterers resume according to previous experience.

If you are unsure of your skill level simply fill in our online sailing resume and one of our trained staff will be able to advise you which sailing grounds would be suitable for you.

Diving packages

Exploring the underwater world is becoming more and more popular and that is why we work closely with dive operators at our charter destinations so that we can arrange your dives for you before you go. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you are diving with a reputable company, your place on the dive is guaranteed and you will not have to spend your valuable holiday time finding an operator that has availability. Depending on location you may be able to take dive equipment along on your boat with you.

We understand that not everyone on your charter may wish to dive and that some of you may want to have a lesson that is why we cater for any size party and all skill levels. There are so many fascinating dive sites around the world such as the spectacular reef dives at the Blue Hole Atoll in Belize, the historic wreck of the R.M.S. Rhone lying in two sections on the ocean bed in the British Virgin Islands or the magic of cave diving at The Dome in Greece.

Let us know what your ideal dive site is and we will be more than happy to discuss the different sites and options that are available to you at your chosen sailing charter destination.

Special occasions

For those special occasions in your life there is no better way to celebrate them than on a boat. You may be looking to get away for a romantic anniversary, surprise birthday treat, hen or stag party or the perfect honeymoon cruise. For both sailors and first time yacht charterers cruising is a fantastic way to spend quality time with loved ones and friends.

Enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner under the starry skies or take a stroll down a moonlit tropical beach. If you are in a party mood then being the only boat in a secluded cove is an excellent way to have fun. Listen to music and dance the night away, swim ashore and play games on the beach, BBQ, drink and celebrate in style.

Talk to us about your plans and we will help you find the perfect destination, recommend the ideal boat and we will make sure that your special occasion is a dream come true.

Type of holiday

Where you would like to go may also be determined by what type of holiday you are looking for. A romantic holiday might lead you to the Tropics with picture postcard islands and white sandy beaches.

If you are looking to explore historic sites travelling to the Mediterranean where counties are full of ancient ruins and interesting mythology will be more exciting for you.

Another important factor to consider is the type of people you will be travelling with and what they are interested in. If you have a divided group then it is always good to find a compromise so that everyone will be happy. There are many countries that offer beautiful beaches as well as hiking trails, nature reserves and historic sites.


As with any major purchases the cost is always a consideration and most people have a set budget in mind when they are looking to book a holiday. Please remember that safety and reliability are the most important factors when hiring a boat and the cheapest boats are not always the best value.

When looking at prices there will be extras that you have to include such as insurance, flight costs and any other options that you may wish to add to your charter. We will be happy to talk to you about the latest offers available and with our extensive yacht database we know we will find you great value for money.

Choosing the size of your yacht

The size of the yacht is very important and if you are bareboat chartering then you must be comfortable handling a yacht of your chosen size. Questions you may need to ask yourself are:

  • How many people will be on the boat?
  • How many cabins will be needed?
  • What facilities are required and will they take up space, e.g. Kayak, Children’s water toys.
  • If you are taking a skipper a private berth is required, are there single forward cabin spaces?
  • If you are unsure we are here to help.

    Flights and accommodation

    Once you have decided where you wish to charter a boat your travel arrangements will be the next priority. Quite often with the savings we are able to offer our customers on flight and charter packages the total cost of your holiday is largely reduced from what you would pay if booking separately.

    Ocean Marine Group work in partnership with one of the UK’s top travel companies offering cheap flights, hotels, car hire, travel insurance and business travel to help you to create the perfect all-inclusive trip to any worldwide destination. We pride ourselves on our experienced staff that are all well-travelled and committed to creating your perfect trip – at bargain prices. For your financial security any flights or accommodation arranged through Ocean Marine Group are protected by ATOL and ABTA.

    We aim to provide our customers with a one-stop solution to arranging all aspects of their charter. Let us know what you need and let us tailor the perfect holiday for you at incredible prices.

    Provisioning your yacht

    Provisioning is always a time consuming process and most people like to have this arranged before they arrive. In many countries finding the food you like in local shops is not that easy and island life is very different to that of larger countries where you can stop at the supermarkets.

    We fully understand that after your chart briefing you will be eager to leave the base as soon as possible so that you can reach the nearest anchorage in daylight. We know how frustrating it can be when you are hunting around the small local shops to find enough food to last the charter and then having to load it onto the boat and put everything away. This is why we offer provisioning services in the majority of our destinations. This will mean food and drinks can be delivered as you arrive, leaving you free to relax and start enjoying your holiday. When booking your charter our staff will give you full provisioning details for your destination and will arrange everything for you.

    Type of charter

    Flotilla Charters are for beginners or those whose prefer to sail in company. Many people choose to join flotilla groups for their first experiences of sailing their own boat but with help on hand should they need it. Flotillas are generally social events where you can join in as much as you want to but still have the freedom of skippering your own boat. Knowing that someone is with you to help if required, share their local knowledge and provide real support during your charter are reasons so many people enjoy flotillas year after year. Experience requirments will vary according to the destination but normally less experience is required making flotilla a great stepping stone to bareboat charter.

    Bareboat Charters are for sailors that are able to handle a boat on their own without a hired crew. Your present knowledge and experience should enable you to competently and responsibly handle your chosen yacht in the sailing conditions anticipated at your charter destination. Some destinations require that the skipper is in possesion of a valid sailing license or qualification, other places may only require that the skipper has sufficient experience and ask for a brief resume. Bareboat charters give you total privacy, independence and the ability to sail at your own leisurely pace.

    Skippered Charters are a fantastic way for first timers to gain experience on the sea. You may also consider taking a skipper if you are looking to relax and not have the responsibility of navigating the boat around unfamiliar waters. With local knowledge you will find your skipper can take you to hidden places and show you the culture and history of the country you are sailing in.

    Fully Crewed Charters are for sea lovers that have no interest in being at the helm or cooking and cleaning whilst on holiday. The number of crew will depend on the level of service that you require and the size of the yacht. The cook will prepare all of your meals to your desired taste and the crew will always be on hand to cater to your needs. With everything taken care of you can relax, unwind and enjoy the luxury of your yacht.

    For the large selection of luxury fully crewed yachts we offer please search under 'fully crewed'


    Why book your charter with us?

    CharterSearch is a trading name for Ocean Marine Group and we are an independent yacht charter agency specialising in bareboat, skippered and fully crewed yacht charters. We offer a complete charter package with high quality luxury yachts including sailing monohull yachts, catamarans and powerboats at extremely competitive prices.

    We work with a large number of reputable charter companies, owners and operators worldwide and can recommend boats to our clients based on previous experiences, maintenance standards, customer service, and most importantly support they offer our charter guests. Feedback and reviews by our staff and our customers mean our advice is impartial and we will always have your best interests at heart. The team at CharterSearch all have vast experience and knowledge of the yacht charter industry having worked for many years for charter companies, travel agencies and sailing schools. We are in unique position to provide you with a first-class service.

    We offer some of the most desirable cruising and sailing destinations in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Asia, Americas, Baltic and Scandinavia. Our website will tell you everything you need to know about yacht chartering and you will find useful information, travel tips, weather and sailing conditions, along with example itineraries and of course boat specifications. Simply submit your enquiry, email or phone us and our trained staff will be happy to give you advice and answer any questions that you may have. Enjoy our website and we look forward to helping you arrange your yacht charter holiday.